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Ich freue mich, daß die Studioversion meines Songs
"CRAZY" fertig ist.

10.12.22 Variationen und ad libitum singen-
"Improvisation light"
Sa, 10:30-14 Uhr,Matthäussaal, Chritsuskirche Mainz
max.8 TeilnehmerInnen, bei Interesse bitte mailen

BEDDE 'N KO- Voice & Guitar Duo
24.7.22 Stefan Kowollik- Gitarre und Sandra Beddegenoots- Gesang
Kulturspots Ingelheim live und open air
Bürgerhaus Grosswinternheim,18-19 uhr

Jazzquartett der Musikschule des WBZ, Ingelheim
08.5.22 Frühlingsfest Ingelheim
Ingelheim, Ab 14 uhr

Blindfoundation feat. Sandra
15.5.22 Eschenfest
Eschborn, Ab 17 uhr

Blindfoundation feat. Sandra
23.6.22 Caritas Miarbeiterfest
FFm- Oberrad

20 Jahre Abrahamische Feier
25.11.21 Duo Beddegenoots/ Willems
Das Friedensfest der Einbuchreligionen
16 uhr Flughafen Ffm, Private Veranstaltung

21.11.21 "VOCALES"-SchülerInnen-Konzert
19:30 uhr Mainz,Privatveranstaltung

Blindfoundation feat. Sandra
23.6.21 1 Jahr verspätet, aber nun doch:"Summertime"
Summertime Eschborn: Blindfoundation feat. Sandra
19:30 Uhr Niederhöchstadt

BEDDE 'N KO- Voice & Guitar Duo
24.7.22 Stefan Kowollik- Gitarre und Sandra Beddegenoots- Gesang
Kulturspots Ingelheim
Ingelheim, Ab 18 uhr

"Nightflight" soon on Spotify.
New Song
Nightflight- Teaser on Soundcloud

Silvester-Gottesdienst in der Christuskirche
31.12.20 Gottesdienst mit Musik: Frank Willems Gitarre, S.Beddegenoots- Gesang
17 Uhr, Ev.Christuskirche,Kaiserstrasse,Mainz

Weihnachten für Nachtschwärmer
24.12.20 Hl.Abend-Gottesdienst mit Musik: Makoto Mikawa Piano, S.Beddegenoots- Gesang
23 Uhr, Ev.Altmünsterkirche,Walpodenstrasse,Mainz

Blindfoundation feat. Sandra
24.6.20 Eröffnung der Kulturreihe "Summertime"
Summertime Eschborn,Eschborn

Gravity Blues Project
Sa, 6.6.20 Konzert bei habel.elf
habel.elf, Heddernheim

Gravity Blues Project
Die, 28.4.20 Duo Fleischer/ Beddegenoots zur Ausstellung Göller
im Salute Salate, Mainz

Gravity Blues Project
Sa, 4.4.20 Konzert in der Pfarrscheune
Kultur in der Pfarrscheune, Heidesheim a. Rhein

Gravity Blues Project
Fr,20.3.20 Konzert "Zum alten Kelterhaus"
ZAK, Alsheim

Gravity Blues Project
Mi,5.2.20 Duo Fleischer/ Beddegenoots bei Mittagskonzerte in der Flughafenkirche Flughafen SeelsorgeTerminal 1 | Abflug B | Aufgang zur Kapelle | Raum 3135, Beginn 12 uhr

So,19.1.20 -GesangsschülerInnen-Konzert
in der Mainzer Weltmusik Akademie, Neutorstr.10 55116 Mz
Beginn 19:30 Uhr. Einlass 19 uhr. Der Eintritt ist frei!

Neuer Song auf Soundcloud
News:"DANCE" is a song of me, we produced with the Duo Bedde'n Ko. To listen to here on "Media"

CD "MOVE" with the Blindfoundation!
News:3 SoloSongs with me on the new CD

Sandra Songwriting

Sandra Beddegenoots

Original compositions.

“Sandra Beddegenoots is the project which performs Sandras original compositions. In the beginning there were singer/songwriters like Nina Simone or Carole King who inspired her to start writing songs herself. Later on - in her student years – she became interested in young Scandinavian jazz vocalists. Nowadays she is more and more influenced by contemporary soul and blues musicians
Over the years the project, which started as a combo for her diploma graduation concert, has changed in correspondance to her own development as a singer and musician from a jazz band into a groovy singer/songwriter project, which shows Sandras affinity to blues and soul as well as her education in jazz music.”

Vocal Coach

After graduating as a speech therapist, I studied jazz and pop music at university. Since 2001, I have been passionately teaching vocal technique and singing in popular music styles.

Currently, I am giving private lessons in Mainz. In addition, I work as a vocal coach with choirs and as a workshop lecturer. My teaching is professionally grounded but also intuitive. I develop a fun and creative learning environment with tailored lessons to each student's learning ability and individual interests, allowing each student to grow towards his or her full potential. I focus on the student to comprehend their individual singing preference. This includes growing their vocal technique, music theory, and understanding of composition and spectrum.

To adapt to the different learning preferences of my students, I adjust my teaching style.
For years I have studied and practiced the Feldenkrais method and the concept “Complete Vocal Technique“ (CVT). Both methods are incorporated in my teaching successfully.

With contemporary literature, continuing education, and seminars I keep up to date in vocal teaching styles.
For example a master class with Tuck & Patti (USA), seminars in CVT, as well as an extra occupational education for songwriting at the Federal Academy of Trossingen. In 2009, I was a participant in the first segment of Feldenkrais Training in Rio de Janeiro.


Singers of all levels are welcome! From the very beginner to the professional singer with explicit needs and questions. During the lessons I often accompany on piano. For rehearsing at home, self-made playback recordings and karaoke are used. Frequent recordings help students hear themselves, increasing self-awareness quickly.


Singing together makes happy! So group lessons and workshops have their own value of learning.
Imitation and learning via observing the other singers is an important component and increases the understanding of new techniques and styles.
My group lessons for various topics of vocal technique take a minimum of 3 hours, while the workshop “Solo Singing“ takes a minimum of 2 days with maximum of 10 participants.


· Singing Technique:
Healthy, effective technique and breathing while developing one’s individual range of sound.

· Singing in different styles:
jazz, swing, bossa nova, blues, pop, soul, rock...

· Improvising:
Improvising in jazz for beginner and intermediate levels.
Singing of variations and ad-libs, such as in soul and gospel music.

· Assistance for the singer on stage:
Guidance in working with other musicians or a band, use of a microphone, and technical equipment on stage. Creating sheets of music in proper key. Support and guidance in songwriting.

Mainzer Weltmusik Akademie, Neutorstr.10, 55116 Mz

Sandra Beddegenoots is a singer, songwriter and vocal teacher.

Currently, she's creatively active in blues singing, songwriting and also a sought-after vocal teacher and workshop lecturer.

Her dynamic range from soft to powerful highlights her lyric sensitivity passion of performing that captures her audience.Her energetic and artistic personality shines in her singing as well as her composition. She captures her audience with her unique and groovy sound.

As a professional singer she worked in a variety of settings and projects. These include solo, or duos, jazz combos, rock and pop bands as well as Big Bands. She also partnered with well-known musicians of the Rhine Main Area.

Born in Heidelberg, she graduated 1999 as a state-certified speech therapist at the University Hospital in Mainz specialized in voice therapy.
In 2005, she graduated from the Academy of Music of Rhineland Palatinate with a diploma as a music teacher in jazz and popular music. Her studies included jazz, popular music and piano.

In 2004 and 2006, she was the prize winner of the international voice and guitar contest in Völklingen with the Duo “Bedde and Ko”, and finalist of the German Rock and Pop Award in the category “Song” as a solo artist.
From 2010-2017 she was the organizer of the concert series “SOMMERNACHTJAZZ in Altmünster” in Mainz.

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